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Apple's 16GB Version Of The iPhone 4Apple's fourth generation smartphone - the iPhone 4 16GB, the smallest brother in the iPhone 4 Family.

Now superseded by the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 4 was released in 2010 as an upgrade from the previous iPhone 3GS. It features a 5 Megapixel Camera, a front facing camera, a higher resolution 'Retina Display' & many more internal improvements including a faster CPU, the A4.

Today there are a wide range of used 16GB models for sale online, due to people upgrading to the newer 4S version. This model is a great buy for anyone wanting the features of the iPhone on a budget.

In fact, you're looking at a very powerful smartphone. The only reason you would want to upgrade to the iPhone 4S is for the addition of SIRI, and a more powerful CPU. If you want to save some cash, you would be hard to find a better iPhone for the money.

Typically, you'll pay between $350 - $500 for a used model, depending on it's condition, included accessories, battery life, etc... If you can, get one with Apple care, as it'll still have warranty. Be sure that you look out for unlocked versions,  so you can use which-ever SIM Card you wish for.

Check out the latest prices  below. Simply click on any item, and you'll be taken to the sellers page where you can place a bid, or buy it now.

iPhone 4 (16GB) BLK ATT MC318LL A Unlocked (Any Sim)


iPhone 4 (16GB) WHT Factory Unlocked (Any Sim) Immaculate condition


iPhone 4 (16GB) WHT Factory Unlocked (Any Sim)


iPhone 4 (16GB) BLK Verizon


NEW iPhone 4 (16GB) BLK for Verizon or PagePlus CDMA


iPhone 5S 16 GB Gold iOS 7 LTE Mint Condition


iPhone 4 (16GB) BLK Verizon


NEW iPhone 4 16gb WHT Factory Unlocked (Any Sim) Touchsreen


2 iPhone 4 (16GB) BLK Unlocked (Any Sim) s


iPhone 4 (16GB) BLK FACTORY Unlocked (Any Sim) MC608LL A


iPhone 4 Factory Unlocked (Any Sim) Global GSM Clean IMEI Excellent Condition A


Iphone 4 (16GB) WHT Clean ESN to use with SPRINT


iPhone 4 (16GB) BLK Verizon


New iPhone 4 (16GB) WHT Verizon Verizon or PagePlus


iPhone 4 (16GB) BLK ATT T Mobile Nice Condition Unlocked (Any Sim)


iPhone 4 (16GB) BLK ATT MC318LL A


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