iPhone 4S 16GB – White & Black Models For Sale

Apple iPhone 4S - 16GB Version - White & BlackThe smallest in the family, the 16GB model offers all the features of the iPhone 4S, at the lowest price.

This is a great choice for anyone who wants the latest iPhone features, but doesn't need a lot of storage space. If you're music collection is small, say around 2000 songs, and you don't have a lot of video's or photographs, in your iPhoto collection, the 16GB version is ideal.

Price wise, expect to pay between $550 - $700 for a used 16GB iPhone on eBay (check the listings below). To purchase a new version outright, Apple's price is $799. Purchasing second hand should save you around $100-$250. Apple products like the iPhone hold their value well, so don't expect a massive reduction in price. However, if you bid smart, you're bound to pickup a bargain.

Be sure to check the iPhone you're considering purchasing is in good condition, is able to take your network SIM Card (check unlocked iPhone's for sale), and is being sold by a reputable seller with a good feedback rating. Check out up to the minute listings currently available below.

Lot of 5pcs iPhone 4s Verizon Sprint 8GB (16GB) Clean IMEI


iPhone 4s (16GB) WHT Sprint


iPhone 4s (16GB) BLK Verizon With Mophie


iPhone 4S (16GB) BLK ATT Mint Condition iOS7


iphone 4S WHT (16GB) T Mobile Unlocked (Any Sim) w Chip Mophie Rocketfish Blue Tooth


USED iPhone 4s (16GB) Unlocked (Any Sim) Silver WHT




iPhone 4s (16GB) WHT Factory Unlocked (Any Sim)


iPhone 4S (16GB) BLK ATT Unlocked (Any Sim) Good for GSM Worldwide iOS 813


iPhone 4s (16GB) WHT ATT


iPhone 4s (16GB) WHT Verizon Used


iPhone 4s (16GB) WHT Sprint


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