iPhone 4S 16GB – White & Black Models For Sale

Apple iPhone 4S - 16GB Version - White & BlackThe smallest in the family, the 16GB model offers all the features of the iPhone 4S, at the lowest price.

This is a great choice for anyone who wants the latest iPhone features, but doesn't need a lot of storage space. If you're music collection is small, say around 2000 songs, and you don't have a lot of video's or photographs, in your iPhoto collection, the 16GB version is ideal.

Price wise, expect to pay between $550 - $700 for a used 16GB iPhone on eBay (check the listings below). To purchase a new version outright, Apple's price is $799. Purchasing second hand should save you around $100-$250. Apple products like the iPhone hold their value well, so don't expect a massive reduction in price. However, if you bid smart, you're bound to pickup a bargain.

Be sure to check the iPhone you're considering purchasing is in good condition, is able to take your network SIM Card (check unlocked iPhone's for sale), and is being sold by a reputable seller with a good feedback rating. Check out up to the minute listings currently available below.

iPhone 4s (16GB) WHT Unlocked (Any Sim)


iPhone 4s (16GB) Factory Unlocked (Any Sim) BLK or WHT A


iPhone 4S (16GB) WHT Unlocked (Any Sim) T Mobile Simple Mobile Metro PCS H2o AT


iPhone 4s (16GB) WHT Unlocked (Any Sim)


iPhone 4s (16GB) BLK Factory Unlocked (Any Sim) B


New New iPhone 4S (16GB) MC918LL A iOS 7 3G 35 AT


iPhone 4S (16GB) BLK ATT MC918LL AiOS 613 Unlocked (Any Sim) NR




LOT OF 10 iPhone 4S 16gb BLK 8 Verizon 2 ATT Clean ESN LOCKED READ


iPhone 4s (16GB) WHT Factory Unlocked (Any Sim)


iPhone 4s (16GB) BLK WHT Unlocked (Any Sim) Refurbished


Lot 11 iPhone 4 4s Very Good to Excellent Condition Sprint Verizon ATT 8GB (16GB)


Brand New iPhone 4s(16GB) Factory Unlocked (Any Sim)


iPhone 4s (16GB) WHT Factory Unlocked (Any Sim) B


iPhone 4s (16GB) WHT Unlocked (Any Sim)


iPhone 4s (16GB) BLK Unlocked (Any Sim)


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