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Apple's Latest Smartphone - The iPhone 5

Apple's latest release of the iPhone, the iPhone 5, brings in a longer 4 inch screen, a faster CPU, and improvements in the resolution of the front and rear facing camera's.

Featuring LTE wireless data protocol, the new iPhone 5 can take advantage of Telstra's latest 4G network, bringing fast data transfer speeds. Bringing with it the best of the previous iPhone 4S - including a retina screen, Siri, and LED Flash, the iPhone 5's main feature is it's larger screen, which is 4" long, the width remaining the same.

Apple have upgraded the CPU to their A6 Processor, which claims a 100% increase in speed. Controversially, Apple have changed their original docking design, rendering all old accessories useless. However you can buy an adapter which converts the old dock into the new, but it'll set you back $39. Battery life has apparently improved, although we've heard many reports of excessive battery drain when using the LTE 4G Network.

Finding prices for the iPhone 5 is easy, and we've listed today's auctions on eBay below. Simply click on any iPhone for more information, you'll be taken directly to the eBay page where you can bid or buy it now.

iPhone 5s (16GB) Gold ATT


iPhone 5s (32GB) Silver ATT


iPhone 5s (32GB) Space Gray ATT Unlocked (Any Sim)


iPhone 5c (16GB) Unlocked (Any Sim) WHT Blue Green Pink Yellow


iPhone 5s (16GB) Space Gray Verizon


iPhone 5s (16GB) Gold ATT


Unlocked (Any Sim) iPhone 5 (32GB)


iPhone 5c (16GB) Verizon Unlocked (Any Sim) Blue Green Pink WHT


iPhone 5s (16GB) Silver Factory Unlocked (Any Sim)


iPhone 5s (32GB) Gold ATT


iPhone 5s (16GB) Silver Verizon


iPhone 5s (32GB) Silver Factory Unlocked (Any Sim) GSM Carrier


iPhone 5s (64GB) Gold Unlocked (Any Sim) T Mobile Excellent Working Condition


iPhone 5S Factory Unlocked (Any Sim) (16GB) Retina Display IOS


iPhone 5s (64GB) Space Gray ATT Unlocked (Any Sim)


BRAND NEW iPhone 5s (64GB) Space Gray T Mobile 0225


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