iPhone FM Transmitter

Using a FM Transmitter for the iPhone is a great way to play your favourite tunes through your car's stereo system without the need for a wired modification.

They plug into the bottom of your iPhone, and usually feature digital display where you can select the frequency you wish to broadcast on. They draw power from the dock connector, so there's no need for extra batteries.

Most have multi-channel selections so you can tune in to a un-occupied channel. The best bet in using a FM Transmitter is to find  a frequency on your radio that is quiet, and has no nearby stations. Then, punch that frequency into the transmitter and this will ensure you have a static and interference free reception.

There's a range of transmitters available online, and some are cheaper then others. We recommend you steer away from anything below $15 as these can be cheaply made, break easily and give poor sound quality and signal strength. We recommend you aim for reputable brands such as Belkin. This will ensure you a long life, and quality sound.

You'll find  prices for FM Transmitters listed below.  Click on any FM Transmitter and you'll be taken to the a new page, where you can bid or buy it now.

Universal Stereo Radio FM Modulator Wired USB Power Port Transmitter AUX Adatper


Wireless Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter Iphone 5S 5C 6 Samsung Galaxy S5 HTC M7 M8


4in1 Car Mount Holder USB Charger Radio FM Transmitter for GALAXY S4 S5 iPhone 6


Griffin iTrip Auto Universal+ Car Charger FM Transmitter for iPhone 4 4S 5 5G


Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Hands free Car Charger for iPhone 6 6 Plus


Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter MP3 Player Car Charger For iPhone 6 Plus 5S 5C


Bluetooth Wireless FM Transmitter Cell Phone Music Charging Station Droid Iphone


3 in 1 Excelvan Hands free FM Transmitter Car Charger Holder For iPhone 5 5S 5C


Belkin Tunebase FM Transmitter for iPod Iphone F8Z176 All Attachments


Belkin TuneCast Auto LIVE FM Transmitter F8Z498 iPhone


FM Transmitter w Charger Holder Remote Control Compatible iphoneipadipod


5 in 1 iPhone Smart Holder HandsFree Car Kit Charger MP3 FM Transmitter AUX


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